When is a Property Considered Commercial?

commercial properties
commercial properties

Residential properties are occupied by tenants who pay a fixed rate to live at your property. Whereas commercial properties are usually inhabited by businesses or companies to generate income.

A property is considered commercial when it is used for business or profitable activities. Examples of commercial properties include offices, shops, restaurants and leisure centres.

What is commercial property?

Commercial property is any property, building or premises that accommodates or provides commercial services for profit.

By law, commercial property is defined as any property that is not used for domestic purposes and is the ‘dealing with business properties or land that generates profit for the owner’.

What is commercial finance?

Commercial finance allows you to fund your essential business needs from property investment to hiring new staff.

This finance ensures businesses of all sizes and statuses can access the facilities to hit targets and generate cash flow.

Any business owner can apply for commercial finance and there are many types of commercial finance to consider. Usually, business owners choose between full commercial or semi-commercial finance.

Who can benefit from commercial finance?

Commercial finance services are available for a range of different industries, businesses and companies.

Dental Surgery Financing

A service that is always in demand, dental surgery involves expensive high-tech equipment and a demand for the latest treatments.

If you are looking to set up a dental surgery, expand a current dentist practice, move to larger premises or provide cutting-edge technology for your consultants in dentistry, dental surgery finance can provide flexible business funding solutions.

Equestrian Financing

You may be looking for commercial finance for your equestrian business to fund commercial mortgages for stables, yards or outbuildings.

Commercial finance will allow you to secure the financial funding to bring your plans to action. No matter your budget or business plan, your equestrian business can access bespoke loans through equestrian commercial finance.

Vet Practice Financing

Pets are an important part of any family so vet practices must ensure they keep up with and can offer the latest advancements in animal medicine.

Up-to-date technology is a great financial investment for vet practices so we understand finding a reliable lender who understands your profession is imperative.

Vet practice financing can support your business by funding specialist equipment, refurbishments and upgrades, partner buy-ins and computer software.

What is a commercial property mortgage?

Commercial mortgages are loans used to complete the purchases of commercial property premises or to buy an existing business.

This mortgage would be used to secure a commercial property such as an office building or shopping centre, whereas residential mortgages are used to fund the purchase of a home.

How to promote a commercial property

You can promote your commercial property in various ways from handing out flyers to creating your own website. Here are three ways to advertise your commercial property:

Property listing pages

One of the best ways to advertise your commercial property is through property listing sites. Websites such as Rightmove, as well as your local estate agents, will list available commercial properties for sale, lease or auction.

A virtual tour

Creating a virtual tour allows business owners to discover the space via a computer or mobile.

This is a quick and effective way to view commercial space and promote your commercial property to potential inhabitants.

Marketing flyers

This flyer should include all aspects of information about your property from high-resolution images and the on-map location to contact information and rental rates.

It is also a good place to mention surrounding amenities, parking information and floor plans so the business owner can access all information in one place.

How we can help

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