Buying a Hotel – 10 Points to Remember!

  1. The average size UK hotel is in the region of 16 rooms; London has by far the most rooms but by no means the most hotels
  2. Just over half of the total number of hotels in the UK remain in independent hands
  3. The growth of branded hotels, and the development of franchising is setting the pace for the rest of the industry to follow
  4. The growth of branded hotels is a real threat to the independent sector
  5. The market for short (1-3 nights) holidays is bigger than that of the long holidays
  6. London attracts over half of all overseas visitor spend but the South West attracts the biggest domestic visitor spend
  7. Outside London, the domestic leisure and business market is critical to the success of any hotel
  8. Clearly define your market sectors and focus on developing them
  9. People are now booking more and more on-line and are hugely influenced by social media
  10. the independent hotelier’s USP is his/her personality and personal attention to hotel guests and its activities

Source: How to Buy and Manage Your Own Hotel (ISBN: 978-1-910158-22-7)

Stewart Hindley

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