Thinking about buying a B&B?

It’s not just making a few beds and cooking a breakfast, there are a host of things you should know to help you make a success of your new business.

Where can you find good advice and benefit from the experience of other owners? Well, the internet is an obvious place to start but going on a course specifically designed for B&B owners can be much more valuable.

At Stewart Hindley & Partners we work with two specific course providers; The Bed and Breakfast Academy and Pillowtalk Training.

The Bed and Breakfast Academy

The Bed & Breakfast Academy is based in Shropshire and is run by Karen Thorne who also runs her own B&B business, Hopton House B&B. Karen has been running the courses for over 10 years and provides a host of information particularly in respect of marketing your business via social media. She has built up an enviable network of bed and breakfast owners who have been on her course and proven that having an all-round knowledge of the business is really helpful when starting out.

Pillowtalk Training

Pillowtalk Training is run by Paula and Ken Hartley who gave up running their very successful B&B to concentrate on helping others achieve their dreams of being self-employed and running a hospitality business. Currently Paula and Ken run training courses in Shropshire and Berkshire but if demand is high enough elsewhere they are happy to run courses across the country.

Pillowtalk Training also offers a consultancy service to B&B/holiday let owners who feel they could improve their current business with a little help from some experts. Making some minor adjustments can make a huge difference to profitability.

By attending a B&B course you are benefiting from the experience of others, this can save you a lot of time and money in the long run and provides you the opportunity to ask questions about your own specific situation. There is no such thing as a silly question, and the likelihood is that someone else has either asked it before or is thinking the same thing as you!

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Stewart Hindley

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