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  • 8th July 2015
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  • Stewart Hindley

Once you achieve your goal of setting up a hospitality establishment, it is important to acquire high quality and trusted accountants. We offer specialised accountancy services to help our clients every step of the way, providing professional financial forecasting and supporting them with every aspect of their finances.

When pursuing funding for the hospitality sector you need to present potential investors with a five year financial plan. Your lenders need to see that you have a financial model with the capacity to support your business and enable healthy returns. Your business plan is a major aspect of your company, so it needs to show accurate and viable forecasts. We use the data contained in your vendors accounts, your projections and detailed business plan to construct a financial model that will apply your financial projections to your balance sheet and cash flow statement. A healthy and appealing plan is essential when attempting to secure investment for your business from lenders; our team can help you with devising plans that underpin your commercial credibility.

We can also assist with bookkeeping and payroll, giving you all the guidance and support you need with regard to the finances of your employees. We can offer accurate calculations of all tax and national insurance contributions and ensure that all leave such as sickness, maternity and paternity are factored into our comprehensive calculations. We will produce P45 forms for the staff members that are leaving your employ as well as P60s that detail the yearly taxable income for each of your employees. When our calculations are complete, we will present you with all data for approval. Alternatively, if you wish to take care of your own bookkeeping we can provide you with a detailed excel spreadsheet to help with the daily management of your finances.

We also assist our clients as the end of the financial year approaches. We help devise and structure a budget for the following year that will effectively manage expenses and keep them in line with expectations. We can prepare your accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis ensuring you maintain track of your suppliers and purchases and effectively manage your budget. When you need any type of assistance with hospitality and marine finance and funding, we are the accountants you can rely on.

Stewart Hindley

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