Starting your B&B off on the right foot

  • 20th June 2015
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  • Stewart Hindley

Many people are drawn to explore their potential to own and run their very own bed and breakfast. Often, money is the main barrier standing in the way of achieving this goal, particularly for those who have identified an existing B&B business for sale on the market. For many banks and financial institutions, their terms, conditions and repayment expectations are offered as a universal across all business sectors. This approach tends to make bed and breakfast funding seem not at all viable, as seasonal flexibility is required in repayments. This is the point at which our services can help you with your acquisition of a bed and breakfast business.

We can work out a business case to get around the business finance regulations of many banks and financial institutions. Wed can create a case emphasising the unique operating conditions faced by a bed and breakfast, as well as highlighting the anticipated and expected revenue projections specific to the business itself. We then take our compelling business case to lenders in the financial sector who understand how seasonal changes affect bed and breakfast finance, and work towards deals that suit all parties.

The phenomenal success of the bed and breakfast and guest house industry in the UK means that it is an economic sector most banks and financial institutions wish to be involved with. It is simply the case that the nature of cash flow and income fluctuations needs to be presented to them in their own terms. This is of course perfectly fair, and assists them in coming to an equitable decision. With over £2billion being generated by bed and breakfast businesses each year, the appeal of the sector is obvious to both potential business owners and to financiers. We work to bring both parties together to achieve success.

Our company is uniquely placed in the sector as we have extensive experience of both sides. Our qualifications and accreditations in accounting and financial work are backed with first hand experience among our partners of owning and running leisure facilities and accommodation businesses. Stewart Hindley & Partners are a firm that knows how crucial supportive bed and breakfast funding is for success. Our versatile team also know how to secure the hotel, guest house, B&B or marine finance you need to achieve your business goals. People looking to start their own B&B business will find that we offer them the perfect place to start.

Stewart Hindley

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