So you want to run a Bed & Breakfast?

Running a B&B can be hard work, with early mornings and never-ending piles of washing to deal with. They key is to prepare well before you set the wheels in motion in order to save yourself time, money and energy. With the proper care and attention, running a B&B can be satisfying, profitable and a great life style choice.

Day-to-day bed and breakfast operations

Each day, you or your staff will need to be up early to ensure that the breakfast room is ready and food is available when your guests get up in the morning. You will need to be on hand to meet and greet guests when they arrive and to say goodbye when they leave.

Guest turnover can be tight, so you will need to be ready to clean rooms and to provide fresh linen, toiletries and tea-making facilities where appropriate. You will also need to make sure any broken fixtures are fixed as quickly as possible, and to ensure that your accounts are kept up to date.

Tips for creating a good bed & breakfast guest experience

If you want your guests to enjoy their stay, ask them to write positive reviews and revisit your bed and breakfast, it is worth considering the following:

  • Remembering guests’ names and treating them personally rather than seeing them as yet another set of visitors
  • Being ready to answer questions about the area, including local attractions and places to eat
  • Leaving a special welcome gift, such as an individually wrapped chocolate on each guest’s pillow
  • Providing a full breakfast made using local produce, with vegetarian options available

Finding the right bed and breakfast loan

The greatest outlay for Bed &Breakfast owners is the premises. Whether you are buying out an existing bed and breakfast or converting a property into a B&B, you will need to think carefully about the amount of capital you will need and whether you meet requirements for a bed and breakfast mortgage.

Bed and Breakfast loan specialists Stewart Hindley & Partners are experts in this field. Their experienced team will be able to advise you on the different bed and breakfast mortgage options available to you.

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