Securing financial support for new equestrian businesses

  • 24th April 2015
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  • Stewart Hindley

There is high demand from the equine communities throughout the UK for expertly managed businesses that serve their specific needs. Equestrianism is an immensely popular and healthy activity that is suitable for people of all ages. It is a diverse and family friendly sport that ranges from amateur and community participation to nationwide competition. The equine industry covers everything that relates to horses, ponies and donkeys. There are a varied range of equine related businesses, such as riding schools, livery yards, and trekking centres, to name just a few.

The most recent British Equestrian Trade Association National Equestrian Survey shows that 6% of the UK population have ridden a horse in the past 12 months. Leisure riding is the most common of all equestrian pursuits although riding lessons and non-affiliated competition have increased substantially in recent years. The estimated horse population in the UK, including both private and professional ownership lies just below 1 million.

Due to the fact that there is such a high demand for high quality, freehold properties within the equestrian sector we have seen an escalating need for financial assistance. This consistent and ever-rising demand renders financial loans for equestrian businesses attractive opportunities for lenders as a result of the recurring income and the value of agricultural land and property.

When you apply for equestrian finance for your business, you need to ensure it is appealing to lenders. No two business finance agreements feature the same terms, but with regard to a commercial loan against an equestrian facility you should expect a 15-20 year mortgage term and a 60-70% deposit. Regardless of the nature of your planned business adventure your application will always be assisted if you can produce evidence of your experience in the sector. Credit scores are undoubtedly an important factor when applying for equestrian finance and once again your application will be aided greatly if you can present a history of good personal credit.

We specialise in assisting our clients in their pursuit of the capital they need to establish their businesses in the hospitality and leisure industry. We will provide you with a clear, concise and professionally structured debt proposal. If you dream of setting up your own business and need help with equestrian funding, contact us today and let us help you achieve your professional goals.

Stewart Hindley

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