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  • 8th April 2015
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  • Stewart Hindley

Marinas and boatyards are economically the strongest area of the boating industry. During recessions, marinas tend to remain stable and usually survive fractured economic periods with the same owner. Marinas are usually the last to feel the effects of a recession and the first to recover.

Marinas are also beneficial for local economies, as they drive up employment rates by hiring people that spend money within the local community. They are fantastic economic generators as the frequent influx of guests patronise local businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, hair salons, and retail establishments. A marina can attract interest in an area, and result in an increase in adjacent land development and value. Essentially, marinas have two economic windows of opportunity with land and water. A well structured marina can take advantage of both and provide a service to a wider customer base that exists beyond the boater. This represents improved economics for the marina owner and the community in general.

We specialise in the supply of financial solutions to our range of clients in the leisure and hospitality industry. There is great demand for superior, freehold waterfront properties within the marina sector. The major benefit is the fact that from the perspective of the lenders the marina sector represents excellent security due to the consistent and regular income.

The terms of a commercial loan against a water sport facility differ from lender to lender, but you can expect a 15-25 year mortgage term, 65-70% loan to property ratio value and fixed or variable interest rates. We have vast experience in marine finance and we can offer every financial solution from purchase and re-mortgage assistance to cash injections and consolidation of debt.

We will advise and support you with your entire application and ensure that you take every appropriate step to increase your chances of securing the marine funding you need. There are several factors that can positively impact your application such as an impressive credit history and evidence of your experience in the marina industry. Any historical business accounts you may have will serve as proof of your competence as a professional trader, or alternatively a CV that conveys your commercial experience and history. We will provide a comprehensive and impressive debt proposal and do our utmost to secure the finest possible outcome for you. If you need assistance with marine finance, a business mortgage, loans or any other type of business finance, contact us for information.

Stewart Hindley

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