Questions to ask before applying for a business loan

  • 25th March 2015
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  • Stewart Hindley

Businesses always run more smoothly when a comprehensive plan is in place, and this is also true when applying for financial loans. Before you begin talking to a lender about a bed and breakfast loan or a loan for any kind of hospitality business, we recommend that you first consider the following points and discuss them with our team if you are experiencing any difficulty.

– Is it the best decision for you? Some businesses do not need to take out financial help to begin their operations, while others may require the extra help and security. Whatever your circumstances may be, it’s important to first weigh up whether you are able to make the monthly repayments and if it is the best option for you. Remember, taking out a loan isn’t free money; it does need to be repaid.

– Can you afford to take on the responsibility? Potential lenders will take a look at your application and ask themselves this question, so it makes sense for you to do so as well. Prior to signing any paperwork, it is good to know that you are able to support what is included in your application. You should also take into account the fact that your loan will have interest and plan for any unexpected issues.

– How much can you afford to borrow? Before you begin any applications for business finance, you need to consider how much you need to borrow and compare that with how much you’re actually able to borrow. Monthly payments need to be manageable and realistic, and your lender will want to check this.

– How much time are you able to commit to the process? Acquiring business loans can be time consuming if you are applying on your own, so ask yourself if you are able to put in enough time and effort as required. If not, it may not mean that you shouldn’t still apply, but instead work through an independent broker service such as ours to complete actions on your behalf.

If a business loan is something that you believe you’re able to commit to but need some help securing the best deal, come to us. We have helped many businesses in the hospitality industry to secure a bed and breakfast loan and get off the ground.

Stewart Hindley

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