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  • 30th April 2015
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  • Stewart Hindley

Along with providing help with finance applications for the leisure and hospitality industry, we also offer specialist accountancy services. Financial peace of mind is something that every business owner desires, and we advise our clients that the key to the security they seek is in financial forecasting. We have a successful record of helping our clients with every aspect of their hotel, leisure or guest house finance, whether it is crucial planning or efficient management of your monthly cash flow forecast.

We can assist you as you devise and prepare your five year hotel or guest house finance plan for potential investors. When you are looking to secure funding and loans from your lenders, you need to construct a financial model that can support your business and allow you to maximise to the greatest extent. We also support a great many of our established clients towards the end of the financial year as they require support with the structure of a budget for the following year. A well structured budget can be an effective way of managing costs and keeping them in line with expectations and under complete control.

Your business plan is integral. It needs to present viable and accurate forecasts. We will then utilise this data to build a financial model that will integrate your financial projections to your cash flow statement and balance sheet. If you are looking for outside investment for your business there is no substitute for a credible plan with regard to conveying your commercial credibility to lenders.

We can also offer high quality support for every aspect of payroll and bookkeeping. Our proficient team can handle the calculation of your employees’ tax and National Insurance contributions. They will ensure that sickness, maternity and paternity leave are taken into account and all relevant amendments are made. You will always receive the final calculations for the purpose of approval. Additionally, we will produce all P45 forms for departing employees along with a P60 highlighting each employees’ taxable income for the year.

If you wish to do your bookkeeping in house, we will issue a detailed excel spreadsheet for the daily management of your finances. Should you require comprehensive bookkeeping assistance, we offer a discounted and cost-efficient billing rate. We can prepare your management accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis which enables you to monitor your budget, maintain track of your suppliers invoices and control trade debtors.

Stewart Hindley

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