Making the leap from employee to business owner

  • 26th August 2015
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  • Stewart Hindley

Owning and running a guest house or bed and breakfast is a goal that many aspire to, particularly those who have been employed in the hospitality and accommodation sector. Whilst a background in the industry isn’t essential, it can greatly boost your potential for success. In our experience, those who started off with an entry level position at a guest house frequently go on to become successful owners and operators themselves, for they have gained first hand knowledge of what does and does not work in the business. We are always happy to assist such individuals with our services and help them take the correct steps towards owning and running their own successful business.

Knowing what would and would not work when running a guest house is a different matter from being able to obtain the necessary funding to put it into practise. You will need to translate your ideas and knowledge into a working, viable business plan which banks, mortgage lenders and financial institutions will expect to see before they commit to a loan. However, this is easier said than done, and it is always a great idea to get some professional assistance. Our team was built around people who know how to do it perfectly. In addition to our team being qualified financial experts and accountants, we have also had hands on, practical experience of working in the hospitality and accommodation businesses.

When you’ve identified a guest house you believe will be perfect for your plans, speaking to us is the next stage. We deliver a complete service to our clients: we consolidate the property value, actual business value and your personal track record into an application presentation designed to appeal to lenders in the market. As they are aware how lucrative businesses like guest houses and bed and breakfasts can be, most finance companies are attracted to making loans in the sector. However, they must see a sound, solid plan of action that gives every assurance that the loan shall be serviced. We’re known throughout the financial sector for providing this.

If you’re in a position where you’re looking at moving from being a guest house employee towards being an owner and operator, our knowledge and experience could be of great benefit. Our unique positioning in the sector means that we are capable of delivering financing terms and agreements that shall increase your potential for success. Contact us to discuss any matter relating to guest house, hotel, marine or equestrian finance.

Stewart Hindley

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