Is combining career and property investment the way forward?

  • 5th June 2019
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For people today there are daily stresses of work, finance and finding balance in life. What if you could combine property ownership and work? The general misconception is that owning a bed and breakfast or guest house is for people in the later stages of their lives, looking to step away from perhaps a stressful job or invest in a business before retirement. This isn’t the case, if you can meet the B&B funding requirements of the lenders, this combination lifestyle could be possible.

Why not purchase and run a bed and breakfast?

Entering the world of bed and breakfast ownership is no easy task as running a successful business can be a challenge. Stewart Hindley & Partners are experts in their field, specialising in bed and breakfast funding and guest house finance. They have helped many clients over the years, young and old realise their dream of owning and running a B&B, by offering expert guidance to secure the B&B funding required.

So why is owning a bed and breakfast so great?

If you like meeting new people, would like a flexible work day, enjoy entertaining, and are not fazed by a bit of hard-work then a guest house could be the perfect way forward. Many look for B&B funding to escape the daily grind, but why not consider the prospect of a successful bed and breakfast business before becoming tied to the 9-5 way of life. Many people work hard to own a home, then are unable to spend any time there as they are working hard to pay for the mortgage! By considering B&B funding, that hard earned property is not only a home and a workplace, it is an investment and a way of life.

A Modern Day B&B

Bed and breakfasts don’t have to be quaint cottages by the seaside. Travellers and tourists are always looking for new experiences. Themed rooms, eco homes, even a Peruvian-inspired bed and breakfast with Llamas…. There is also greater demand for an online presence with social media promotion and online testimonials. Once you have secured B&B funding, a solid marketing plan will help the business.

There are no specific qualifications associated with running and owning a guest house. However, before looking for B&B funding, it would be wise to undertake some in depth research. Local areas, activities, events, facilities, who is your potential competition and how will you compete with them? Would you do all the daily jobs yourself or would you need to employ people?

Here to help you through

So whether you are thinking of making the leap into the bed and breakfast industry, or an experienced B&B owner, Stewart Hindley and Partners have the knowledge and expertise to help secure the right B&B funding.

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