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Hotel finance for first time hotel buyers

If you plan to enter the hotel industry as a new to trade or first time hotel operator, one of the first questions you’ll need to answer is how you’ll finance it.

It’s a vibrant sector, with strong demand for high-quality, freehold hotel properties. What’s more, lenders are keen to offer hotel funding to the sector, as a freehold asset is seen as excellent security.

That said, financing a hotel is always going to be a challenge, regardless of the economic climate and particularly for those who are new to trade or first time buyers with no track record.

The good news is that we can help you. Our industry experience and whole of market approach means we have established relationships with many lenders who will consider new to trade hotel operators.

Can first time buyers get hotel finance?

The short answer is yes. It can be less straightforward for a new to trade or first time hotel operator to gain a hotel loan than someone with years in the industry, but it’s certainly possible.

There are numerous factors that have an impact on securing hotel finance – proof of experience is just one – and with our help, we can make your first time application for a hotel mortgage far more attractive to a lender.

With other positives on your side, such as a deposit of 30% or more, a robust business plan, additional security and a comprehensive debt application from Stewart Hindley, you’ll give yourself the best chance of gaining the finance you need to get started as a new hotel operator.

How we help you secure hotel finance as a new to trade operator

A large part of securing a hotel loan for a first time buyer is understanding the market and recognising where to find the investment. There’s a process to follow in knowing which lenders are best suited to your needs as a new to trade hotelier, and that’s where we come in.

We can also put you in touch with specialist trainers who can quickly bring you up to speed on the essentials of running a hotel, local to you, with exactly the guidance you need. Completing a relevant hotel management training course can greatly improve your prospects when applying for finance as a new to trade hotel operator.

Let us support your hotel debt application and we pledge to source and arrange the most competitive loan or specialist hotel mortgage on your behalf as a first time buyer. This will be subject to market conditions, your personal and financial circumstances, and the market valuation of the business to be purchased.

What will it cost you?


Your monthly business mortgage payments to settle interest and capital will be…


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