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Competitive finance solutions for experienced hoteliers

The breadth of today’s hotel finance market makes it possible for both lenders and borrowers to find the ideal debt arrangement. The finance options available to you as an experienced hotelier may be more extensive than you might imagine, and the way to really explore the possibilities is with a specialist finance broker.

In lending terms, an experienced hotel operator is one who either has owned and run an existing hotel business for a minimum of two to three years, or has done so in the past. While work experience or a career in the hotel industry can benefit a loan application, it won’t signify the lower risk to lenders that can unlock the best rates and LTVs.

If you own or run an existing hotel business, or have done so in the past, we can help you secure the debt you require and put it to lenders who are looking for investment opportunities like yours.

What are the factors that affect hotel lending?

Even experienced hoteliers must prove themselves worthy of investment. Numerous factors have an impact on securing hotel finance and, with our help, we can make your application for a hotel mortgage as attractive as possible to the right lenders.

Alongside your proof of experience as an established hotel operator, a hotel finance application should include:

  • A deposit of 30% or more
  • Additional security (this is an advantage)
  • Business plan
  • Good personal credit history
  • Three years’ of your trading accounts as well as the vendor’s
  • A comprehensive debt application from Stewart Hindley

Why use a broker for hotel finance?

If you’ve secured finance for your hotel business before, without the assistance of a finance broker, you may wonder what the benefits are. It’s true that proof of experience goes a long way to assure lenders of your abilities to run a successful hotel, but what if there are specialist lenders that only a broker like Stewart Hindley can help you access, or ways to improve your application that you may not have considered?

Whatever your plans are for your hotel business, don’t limit your pick of the finance market. As we’ve worked in the sector for over a decade, we’ve established robust relationships with the well-known and not-so-well-known lenders who finance the hotel industry.

Our expert team also have the skills to turn a good hotel debt application into an excellent one, by enabling you to better leverage assets to secure new finance solutions you can use to buy new hotel premises or make improvements to existing ones. Take a look at our hotel finance case studies to find out more.

What will it cost you?


Your monthly business mortgage payments to settle interest and capital will be…


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