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Finance solutions for experienced B&B operators

When it comes to securing finance for B&B businesses, experience is king. B&B operators who have established themselves in this busy sector are seen to offer lower risk, higher reward investment opportunities than those who are new to the trade.

So, what counts as proof of B&B experience in the eyes of a lender? Simply put, an experienced B&B operator is one who has either owned and run an existing B&B for at least two to three years, or has done so in the past. While work experience or a career in the B&B industry can make lenders more inclined to offer finance, only previous hands-on ownership and management will enable you to access the best rates and LTVs.

If you have experience running your own B&B, we can give you the extra market insight and insider advice to help you secure the best possible finance solutions for your needs.



What are the factors that affect B&B lending?

As well as proving your experience as a B&B operator and that you hold the relevant licences, B&B lenders like to see the following in a debt application:

  • A deposit of 30% or more
  • Good personal credit history
  • Three years’ vendors trading accounts
  • A comprehensive debt application from Stewart Hindley

Why use a broker for B&B finance?

While an established B&B operator can rely on their experience and track record to help them stand out to prospective lenders to some extent, it’s only part of the story.

As you may imagine within an industry as complex as commercial finance for the hospitality sector, there are countless ways to polish a finance application that can make all the difference to the rates you are offered, as many lenders only deal with specialist brokers like us.

This enables you to make the most of your position as an established operator, and ensure you benefit from a finance solution from the very best available. We can help you unlock B&B finance that capitalises on your existing assets, so that you can continue to develop your B&B business. Take a look at our B&B finance case studies to find out more.

What will it cost you?


Your monthly business mortgage payments to settle interest and capital will be…


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