Get your staff involved in your business planning

  • 14th September 2015
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  • Stewart Hindley

Careful planning is essential for any business, and you will need a detailed business plan in order to apply for loans, mortgages, remortgaging and other forms of funding. Making regular plans will also help you to ensure that the business is staying on track financially, and by regularly setting goals for yourself, you will have something clear to aim for and will be able to consistently improve and expand your operations, learning as you go.

If you run a hotel, guest house, bed and breakfast or other hospitality business which employs staff, it could be a great idea to get them involved in the creation of your business plan. They may have fresh ideas to contribute that you would not otherwise have considered, and as they deal with the regular day to day running of your business, they are likely to have useful knowledge that will contribute towards a detailed and effective plan. Getting your workers involved in your planning will also help them to understand the goals of the business more clearly, helping them to work more effectively.

You could ask your employees what they feel is working for the business, and which areas could be improved. This will give you a chance to carry on with your successful tactics while making adjustments to aspects which are not working quite so well. You may also ask them about their own individual goals and see how you can work them into the overall goals for the business.

We can create an outstanding business plan for your company that will impress lenders and help you to secure the bed and breakfast finance and funding you need, helping you to expand, relocate or reach any other aim you have for your hospitality company. Simply provide us with the relevant information you have gathered from your own records and from speaking to your employees, and we will assist you with creating a professional, polished and realistic plan.

Stewart Hindley

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