Did You Know You Can Attend a B&B Course?

Training for bed and breakfast ownership on a B&B course
Training for bed and breakfast ownership on a B&B course

When starting a new venture it is always a good idea to get as much information on the area in which you choose to go into.  You probably think that running a B&B or Guest House is fairly straightforward and on the whole it is, however, it is not just cook a breakfast and change some beds.

There are a number of B&B courses available, however,  some of our clients have attended the B&B Course at Hopton House B&B in Shropshire and have found it great fun and very informative.  After attending the course they have come away with loads of new ideas on how to promote their new business as well as cost effective ways of running their business from Day One.

There is a host of tasks you need to remember, from what food you need to keep stocked up on to health and safety legislation!  So where do you start?

Whether you have definitely decided to set up or buy an existing B&B or you’re still deciding whether it’s right for you, Karen Thorne’s training course will help you identify all the steps you need to take and to ensure you don’t make any expensive mistakes.

Want to Find Out More?

You can visit Hopton House website at  http://www.shropshirebreakfast.co.uk/  or go direct to the Course site http://www.bedandbreakfastacademy.co.uk/

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Subjects covered on the B&B Course

Setting Up Your B&B

  • Researching your B&B and Analysing your Market
  • Quality Ratings
  • Understanding Quality Standards and making sure you get the star rating and awards you want


  • Legal Requirements
  • Getting your house ready

Marketing Your B&B

  • An Overview of Marketing
  • Printed Guidebooks and Brochures
  • Repeat Bookings and other Promotional ideas

Running your B&B

  • The importance of Great Customer Service
  • Preparing and Cleaning the Rooms
  • Greeting the Guests and saying Good Bye
  • Serving the Breakfast and Evening Meals

Staying Sane as a B&B Owner!







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