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  • 30th May 2015
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  • Stewart Hindley

Anyone who has every taken a holiday or visited a seaside town in the UK will have a sense of how popular bed & breakfast accommodation is. This is due to the fact that they offer accommodation that is generally more personal and homely than larger hotels. This popularity is reflected in the overall contribution of bed & breakfasts and guest houses to the economy, which is estimated to be around £2.5billion every year. In order to sustain this economic success, businesses in the sector require expert help and sometimes access to supportive refinancing. Stewart Hindley & Partners are proud to be at the forefront of offering these services, specialising in hotel, bed and breakfast and guest house finance of all kinds.

In the UK, B&Bs often operate as seasonal businesses. Demand for accommodation is often much higher during the summer months, and many owners opt to close down over the winter. This is an understandable approach if the business is not sustainable during the colder and quieter times of the year. However, there are financial institutions out there that either will not or cannot adapt to a business model that differs from the norm.

We have many years of hands on experience in the leisure and hospitality sector and a deep knowledge of business finance and funding, which means that we are able to give an all encompassing level of service to businesses looking for B&B or guest house finance. We can put together the business plan you need to succeed while appealing to finance and mortgage institutions at the same time. We will strive to connect you with lenders who appreciate the seasonal nature of the industry and can adapt payment terms and expectations accordingly.

Our services are of particular benefit to those seeking refinancing or re-mortgaging. We fully appreciate that even sound and successful businesses can face difficult periods, during which access to extra funding is the only way to realise their full potential. We can readily identify such a scenario in a business, and work with lenders and financiers who trust our analysis and planning.

Stewart Hindley

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