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Commercial mortgage case study – Inn@West End

The Objective

  • Gerry Price, the landlord of the Inn @ West End, a very successful destination pub and dining establishment, wished to purchase the freehold of the concern from Enterprise Inns. Gerry had been an Enterprise tenant for over 10 years and had developed the trade substantially over the years and a consequence the monthly rent was in his own words more than a commercial mortgage.
  • Gerry had the choice of buying a freehold concern elsewhere, or consolidating on the trade he had developed by approaching Enterprise to purchase the freehold. Enterprise were receptive to the latter approach, providing the deal could be finalised and completed within 6 weeks prior to Enterprise’s year end.

The Solution

  • Given the strength of the Inn @ West End’s trading performance and given his proven operator status, debt was offered by several commercial property lenders on varying terms and incentives.
  • Additional facilities were also sought to provide for the development of the trade within the principle facility offered; with limited conditions and covenants.

The Result

The debt offered enabled Gerry to make an offer (which was subsequently accepted) for the freehold on exceptionally favorable terms, with the added benefit of the “cash back” incentive under the Government’s Funding for Lending Scheme.


Given the general attitude of many High Street lenders I was despondent that we could raise debt in our own right, even with a proven and successful track record. We contacted Stewart Hindley & Partners who steered us through the complexities of commercial property finance in the pub a sector where lenders are risk adverse with limited funds available.

The key to securing the right level of debt was to establish the market value from Enterprise’s and our own prospective, As Stewart Hindley are know to al the lenders panel valuers a desk top opinion was quickly sort which provided the base line for our negotiations and debt requirement which could be serviced from the exiting trade.

Without this invaluable advice we would have either paid a premium over market value for the freehold which would have resulted in a higher deposit requirement leaving us dependant on additional borrowings from other sources to meet the balance required to purchase the freehold.

Stewart Hindley & Partners cut to the chase without cutting corners to secure the debt within the timescales required.

Gerry Price
Inn @ West End


Guesthouse finance case study – Ouse Bridge

With a stunning position by the shores of Bassenthwaite Lake Bassenthwaite, Ouse Bridge House is an elegant Edwardian house built in the traditional Lakeland style. The residence, built originally as a private house, has been taking in guests for many years during which time its reputation as a charming, establishment full of character has been truly sealed. A superbly tranquil location for the serious walker, or the tourist, makes Ouse Bridge House an ideal place to stay for the many thousands of visitors who come to enjoy the Lake District over an ever widening tourist season.

The Objective

Both the purchasers wanted to secure a true lifestyle business away from the hustle and bustle of London and the Home Counties. To pursue that aim, they researched the market for small hotels and guest houses and bed and breakfast businesses which, by the virtue of the trade, would also allow them time to engage in their passion for outdoor pursuits.

Despite successful careers in their respective occupations and capital for a deposit they were turned down by all the major lenders due to their inexperience in the hospitality sector. The challenge was to secure a bank who had an appetite to lend to new-to-trade operators in a depressed market, where banking sentiment was at an all time low.

The Solution

After several phone calls discussing the merits of the properties that could service debt, an initial meeting with the Stewart Hindley team ensured a real understanding of their financing requirements and analysed the advantages and disadvantages of the different guesthouse mortgage options that would be available to them, given their circumstances.

Stewart Hindley & Partners’ track record in guesthouse finance, were able to provide un-paralleled access to prime lenders specialising in Lake District properties. This ensured that the new owners of the Ouse Bridge House Hotel identified a funding solution that was to meet their immediate and future requirements.

The Results

A decision in-principle credit line, subject to offer and valuation, was secured in advance of our clients offering on a particular property. Armed with the knowledge that the finance was in place at the appropriate level to conclude the deal, our clients were able to secure their purchase. The Stewart Hindley team compiled:

  • a business and marketing plan
  • revenue and cash flow projections
  • along with all the other supporting documentation required for this debt-raising exercise

The result was that the application was approved by the bank’s credit team.


We selected Stewart Hindley & Partners to advise us after being rejected by several banks because we were new-to-trade operators and had previously unrelated career experience.

We were more than pleased with the results because from the outset. We received a precise and concise assessment of the level of borrowing we could secure and service, against a number of properties, before placing an offer on Ouse Bridge House. Because the debt was already approved and in place, we were in a position to negotiate with the vendors to achieve the best guesthouse mortgage deal.

Claire & Stephan Shepherd

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