Commercial property lenders case study – Highfield Hall Hotel

The Objective

  • Lorraine and Richard Earl had family connections to the hospitality industry and after an established career as an accountant; Lorraine persuaded her husband Richard, who had been in the automotive industry, to follow their family into the trade. After many months of research, they identified Highfield Hall near Chester as their ideal business opportunity.
  • Highfield Hall Hotel represented tremendous value, but traded well below its potential as a result of the vendors low key approach to the trade over several years pending retirement. It would therefore represent a challenge to most uk commercial lenders debt criteria.

The Solution

  • After meeting with various commercial property lenders it became evident that debt could only be offered if supported by an additional source of income. This would be until such time as the business could service the debt (when stress tested) in its own right.
  • A lender was ultimately sourced that offered to accept a personal guarantee in favor of debt servicing. This would make additional funds available in support of debt service, if it became an operational necessity to do so.

The Result

The commercial mortgage offered:

  • was ultimately secured by Stewart Hindley & Partners without the need for any personal guarantees and at very competitive market rates, given the unique nature of trade given the pending retirement of the owners.
  • enabled the Earls to purchase Highfield Hall at a competitive price on a viable interest rate, over a term of 20 year
  • allowed for the business to service the debt within the commercial lenders criteria, without duress to cash flow.
  • meant the Earls could focus on developing and managing their trade, rather than worrying about meeting day to day cash flow requirements.


With Stewart Hindley & Partners working for us, we felt totally assured and confident that the debt would be offered within our and the vendor’s timescales. Without their support its doubtful today that we’d be the proud owners of Highfield Hall.

Lorraine & Richard Earl
Highfield Hall Hotel

Stewart Hindley & Partners have a team of brokers who are qualified accountants and who really understand the hospitality sector. We are in a perfect position to secure you the best commercial mortgage deal for you, from a choice of commercial property lenders. Contact us now for further details.

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