Boutique bed and breakfasts are big business

  • 9th November 2015
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  • Stewart Hindley

When you decide to open a bed and breakfast, it is important to make a clear decision about the kind of accommodation and services you want to offer before you make an application for finance. In the majority of cases, people book bed and breakfasts because they want value for money and a friendly and personalised experience. Being clear about exactly what you will offer to your guests helps you present a well structured proposal to lenders and enables you to prioritise the appropriate areas of your business, aiding organisation and efficiency.

Boutique bed and breakfasts are growing in popularity throughout the UK as they offer the benefits of a luxury hotel at a fraction of the cost. Boutique hotels first started springing up in major cities like New York, San Francisco and London in the 1980s. The phrase was coined by Steve Rubell, American entrepreneur and co-owner of Studio 54, after he compared a hotel he had stayed at to a boutique. Over time the trend has grown and these kinds of businesses can now be found all over the world.

Boutique B&Bs focus on offering beautiful and upscale accommodation close to bustling city centres or tourist towns and locations. They provide high end rooms and dining facilities within relaxed, welcoming and informal environments. They usually offer individually styled rooms and facilities to give each guest a unique experience, and come in a diverse range of styles from vintage and retro chic to ultra-modern and equipped with the latest technology.

Boutique accommodation is extremely popular and is the preferred choice for many travellers looking for something out of the ordinary. If you are considering establishing a boutique B&B it is advisable to research as many businesses as possible to understand the details and subtle differences that define the boutique hospitality establishment. You will also need to invest time and money into making your establishment stand out from the rest so you can offer your customers a unique experience.

B&B, hotel and guest house finance is in high demand and due to the booming success of the sector and attractive residential value, it is seen as an appealing investment opportunity. We can assist you fully with your application for funding, and as independent and experienced brokers we assure our clients of a dedicated, proficient and comprehensive service.

Stewart Hindley

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