Around the UK in 5 unmissable coastal stops, whatever the weather

  • 10th April 2019
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  • Stewart Hindley

In summer, UK coastal B&Bs are sorted. Tourists flock to lounge on sandy beaches and paddle in crystal clear waters. But what happens the rest of the year ‘round? A visit to the coast doesn’t only have to be in summer. Let me take you to 5 British seaside destinations around the UK where you’ll find something special to do, whatever the season.

Crosby, Merseyside

Crosby, Merseyside doesn’t have to depend on beaches and sunshine to draw in the crowds. Where the River Mersey turns into the Irish Sea, visitors can see one hundred iron men. Antony Gormley’s cast-iron replicas of his own self pepper a 3km stretch of beach and provide quite a sight. Albeit, an unsettling one when the tide comes in. If iron men aren’t your thing, you’ll find red squirrels and Neolithic footprints preserved in the sand just up the coast in Formby’s National Trust coastal reserve.

Portmeirion, Wales

If you want to leave reality behind awhile, visit Portmeirion. With its Italianate village, complete with piazza, grand porticoes and terracotta-roofed houses, Portmeirion is a place where reality is put on pause as you lose yourself among the splendor of Portmeirion’s pastel-painted houses. There isn’t anywhere else in the UK where you can step out of Wales and into the Med.

Of course, if you head West in September, Portmeirion hosts Festival No.6, which attracts impressive headline acts such as Noel Gallagher and the Pet Shop Boys.


Aside from being within walking distance of Bude’s beautiful and award-winning sandy beaches, Tintagel offers rows of shops selling goodies such as Cornish clotted cream fudge and ice cream of every flavour imaginable. Once you’re all sugared up, head over to King Arthur’s Castle (you’ll need the sugar kick to take on the steps!) and retrace the footsteps of King Arthur and his knights. If, after all that you need to refuel, stop off for a pasty before hitting the surf (yes, anytime of year) in neighbouring Bude.


If you’re tempted to trade quaint little villages for staggering stegosaurus remains, then Charmouth, with its active fossil hunting community, beachfront museum and spectacular cliffscape, is a great place to visit. With the right clothes, even a windy, stormy day can be great for fossil hunting. You never know what the elements might uncover!

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