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  • 18th June 2015
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Business continuity planning involves devising a strategy and resources for the years ahead. It is an extremely valuable form of planning for companies in all industries and sectors. In some instances it would be considered vital, particularly when it is expanded into business continuity and resiliency planning. Guest houses, bed and breakfasts and hotels are clear examples where it is crucial to have a strategy for ensuring that the business can continue in adverse circumstances. Here at Stewart Hindley & Partners we specialise in providing this valuable planning, as well as assisting with supporting funding, mortgages and B&B and guest house finance of all kinds.

One of the primary challenges facing any UK guest house or bed and breakfast is the seasonal nature of their business. These businesses tend to face a natural drop off in bookings during the colder months of autumn and winter, particularly ones which are located by the coast or in seaside resorts. However, knowing that quieter periods are coming is not the same as planning for them and ensuring that the business can continue to operate. With our unique insights into the accommodation and hospitality industry, we are able to help you devise successful, resilient business continuity planning to safeguard your business.

One of the major elements of business continuity planning services is financing. Suitable and supportive B&B and guest house finance is imperative to success. We work with lenders and financial institutions who understand guest houses are, for the most part, very successful businesses but need support in terms of flexible finance. For instance, the acceptance of seasonal shifts in repayment plans contributes towards business continuity and success.

Securing seasonal based loan repayment plans are just one of the beneficial services we can bring to your business. We can also assist with managing and consolidating any debt management issues you currently have. This is particularly relevant to those businesses which were either mis-sold fixed interest rate loans, or had their benefits grossly misrepresented to them. Business recovery is another important part of business continuity planning, and professional accountants and negotiating team will put their skills to work for your advantage.

Our team are uniquely positioned to assist those whose business is in the leisure, hospitality and accommodation sector. Our financial and accounting accreditations are backed with first hand experience in the industry. This gives us the important insights and knowledge into what challenges businesses face and what support they need to meet them.

Stewart Hindley

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