A bright future for B&B investment lies ahead

  • 15th May 2015
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  • Stewart Hindley

It is currently a great time to enter the hospitality sector. The forecast for the year ahead is positive, with experts throughout the industry predicting continued success for hotels, guest houses and B&Bs. The continued stability of the sector forecasts high transaction numbers for the remainder of the year. Investment in the hospitality trade accounted for over 35% of European transaction volumes last year, which highlights the fact that hotels and B&B businesses have evolved into an integral aspect of a diverse property portfolio.

There is substantial demand for high quality freehold properties, which has resulted in a rising demand for investment in the hospitality industry. Freehold structures are widely considered to be secure investments, which means that a large number of investors are confident about supplying the sector with funding. We are a trusted name in the commercial property finance and bed and breakfast finance sector, and we provide a high quality and wholly comprehensive service.

We will offer you the benefit of our vast experience and industry knowledge as we help you structure your application for bed and breakfast funding. We have the resources and team of skilled professionals that assure our capacity to provide you with beneficial financial advice throughout every stage of your application process.

As with all financial applications, there are several factors that can help to secure a positive outcome. Your business plan should be efficiently structured with clear presentation of your professional goals, processes and strategies. A deposit of 30% or more will support your application substantially. Furthermore, proof of previous experience in and knowledge of the hospitality industry and a healthy credit history will also aid your application.

We are a reputable name in bed and breakfast finance and finding, and we focus on securing the most competitive loan on your behalf. We will provide a comprehensive debt application and ensure you acquire the mortgage that suits your particular requirements. We offer targeted and focused financial support and we work on a no win no fee basis. We ensure our clients are fully informed regarding terms and conditions and our fee structure and we take every step to provide you with every advantage as you apply for business funding.

Stewart Hindley

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