12 places in the UK which will make you feel you are abroad

  • 9th August 2016
  • News
  • Stewart Hindley

British staycations are on the rise, not purely for Brexit or financial reasons, either – many of us are (re)discovering the UK’s incredible landscape, beautiful beaches and exciting cities. Hence it could be a good time to go into the B&B, guesthouse or hotel business.

Where to buy your B&B

Deciding where to buy is possibly the most important consideration, one which is fundamental to your success. If you need some help, then Citybase Apartments has produced a brilliant infographic entitled: ‘12 places in the UK which will make you feel you are abroad’. It likens our favourite British regions to popular foreign destinations, which could be used as a guide, i.e. lovers of Rome might want to look at York. The insight might further even inspire your choice of décor, menu or business name, who knows?

Citybase Staycation Guide Infographic B&B

Stewart Hindley

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