12 places in the UK which will make you feel you are abroad

  • 9th August 2016
  • News
  • Carol Jones

British staycations are on the rise, not purely for Brexit or financial reasons, either – many of us are (re)discovering the UK’s incredible landscape, beautiful beaches and exciting cities. Hence it could be a good time to go into the B&B, guesthouse or hotel business.

Where to buy your B&B

Deciding where to buy is possibly the most important consideration, one which is fundamental to your success. If you need some help, then Citybase Apartments has produced a brilliant infographic entitled: ‘12 places in the UK which will make you feel you are abroad’. It likens our favourite British regions to popular foreign destinations, which could be used as a guide, i.e. lovers of Rome might want to look at York. The insight might further even inspire your choice of décor, menu or business name, who knows?

Citybase Staycation Guide Infographic B&B

Carol Jones
Carol is an experienced Case Manager in the Finance sector who enjoys working with our clients in order to realise their dreams. Specialising the in hospitality sector, she helps to put funding in place for people looking to buy a B&B, Guest House or Hotel.

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