Electric Vehicle Charge Points for Bed & Breakfast Businesses

11:57 Wed 10th January 2018

It is important that Bed & Breakfast owners continuously look for ways to grow their business. This is a matter we here at Stewart Hindley always stress the importance of. As we are committed to being as supportive as we can to our clients we always highlight opportunities for achieving growth. One of the strongest […]

Spotlight on Wales

16:13 Tue 19th December 2017

Wales is a particularly good location to run a hospitality business, according to official tourism statistics* which showed a rise in occupancy figures across all accommodation types this Summer. Wales – an increasingly popular hospitality business choice The figures revealed significant growth in the number of people using hotels, hostels, guest houses, bed and breakfasts, […]

Breakfast Do’s And Don’ts If You Want To Impress

13:14 Tue 12th December 2017

First impressions count and nowhere is that more true than for the breakfast you are served at a B&B or hotel. So, our team at Stewart Hindley & Partners, specialist B&B finance and business advisors have put together a few ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ if you are  B&B or hotel proprietor looking to offer breakfast to […]

Book Yourself onto a Bed & Breakfast Course & Kickstart Your Dream

09:15 Fri 8th December 2017

If you’ve dreamed of owning your own bed and breakfast or guest house for a while, you’ve no doubt read many wonderful books, blogs and guides on how to make it happen.  Why not take that step forward towards your dream of owning your own bed and breakfast and book yourself onto a bed and […]

Expectations for Hotel Financing In 2018

09:27 Thu 30th November 2017

In broad terms the most honest and accurate way to describe the British economic outlook is “uncertain”. We take no pleasure in saying this, but there is no hiding from it. There are several well documented factors contributing to this, ranging from ‘Brexit’ through to global concerns. An easy assumption to make when faced with […]

The UK’s Top 5 filmset location places to stay

12:20 Wed 22nd November 2017

Is your guesthouse, hotel or self catering accommodation located in a region famous for being the scene of films or television dramas? Many UK holidaymakers love to see these places in the flesh and it’s even more of a bonus if they can stay in a property which featured on the film sets. Here is […]

How To Deal With Complaints – Dos And Don’ts

10:02 Mon 13th November 2017

Guest house and hotel owners will inevitably be required to respond to the occasional case when guests feel they have had a slightly less-than-perfect stay.  So, what is the best way to handle complaints? Leading hospitality finance experts Stewart Hindley & Partners have put together a few handy list of ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts in these […]

How will the interest rate change affect hospitality lending?

09:15 Wed 8th November 2017

The most positive aspect of the recent rate rise by the Bank of England is that it was not a surprise. It was rather the case that the November 2 bank rate rise from 0.25% to 0.5% was widely expected. Now that it has happened as anticipated it’s important to manage your financial affairs with […]

Are you all set to cash in on the UK tourism boom?

09:18 Wed 25th October 2017

BBC News today (10 October) reported that tourism to the UK has reached record levels and Britons are also holidaying at home in record numbers with Britain’s beaches and attractions attracting more domestic visitors and “staycations” on the rise. Record figures Nearly 40 million overseas people are expected to have visited the country during 2017 […]

The Pink Book updated with card charges legislation

09:46 Wed 18th October 2017

The Pink Book is one of the most valuable resources available to all within the hospitality accommodation sector. It provides regularly updated information regarding legislation that affects businesses operating in the hospitality industry. A recent update has looked at the implications of changes to debit and credit card charges. In this article we are raising […]

How About A B&B In Skipton Or The Yorkshire Dales?

08:08 Mon 9th October 2017

Once again, the Yorkshire Dales confirms its enduring appeal, with Skipton being newly  crowned the most desirable area in the country by The Sunday Times’s 101 Best Places to Live in Britain. The Sunday Times judges put it in top spot for its ideal combination of low crime rates, “top class” schools, great transport links, […]

EPC Requirement Changes For Lending To Accommodation Businesses

14:37 Wed 4th October 2017

The conditions for lending to accommodation businesses are about to undergo significant change. Legislation which comes into effect as of April 2018 will see far stricter requirements be in place. This relates to the energy efficiency of a building, with strict requirements before a loan can be approved. The changes might at first appear quite […]

Overseas visitor numbers and spends reach record highs

10:03 Wed 27th September 2017

The good news for the UK hospitality industry is that visitors from abroad have reached a record high.  Office of National Statistics (ONS) Figures released earlier this month show that inbound tourism in July was the highest ever for inbound to the UK since official records began in 1961. A Record July The latest figures […]

Are hotels missing some obvious tricks to boost dining sales?

09:39 Wed 20th September 2017

Yes – according to new research by CGA and Zonal Retail Data Systems’ GO Technology report – which found that Hotels are missing out on F&B sales by not offering customers an incentive at the time of booking, or a facility to order food from their smart device during their stay. Their report surveyed 5,000 […]

The UK’s private island hotels – four of the country’s best kept secrets

09:44 Wed 23rd August 2017

When you think of private island hotels, you probably think of the Caribbean or The Barrier Reef, but did you know the UK also boasts some of its own exclusive island hotels. We highlight four of them and their stand-out factors: Devon – Burgh Island Hotel This is an art deco gem of a building […]

Could you take advantage of the rise of glamping?

08:27 Fri 11th August 2017

If you have ever searched for self-catering holiday accommodation, or are already ‘in the business’, you won’t have helped but notice that more and more proprietors are offering unusual ‘glamping’ holiday lets aimed at those looking to be more in touch with the outdoors on their holiday breaks. The most popular structures to have emerged […]

How Important Are Your Reviews?

08:13 Mon 31st July 2017

With the increasing prominence of online holiday and travel search/booking engines and the rising power of the customer review across all industries, just how important are reviews and how can proprietors respond to them? Our hospitality finance team of experts at Stewart Hindley and Partners take a look at the current trends and have put […]

Five Key Factors To Consider When Converting A Home To A B&B

14:55 Mon 17th July 2017

If you are thinking of running a bed and breakfast business from your UK home, this will almost certainly involve significant finance considerations.  Our specialist team of b&b finance advisors, here at Stewart Hindley, have identified 5 key factors which will come into play: Planning Permissions Whether or not you will need building planning permissions […]

Devon Spotlight: What makes these the best family-friendly hotels in Devon

09:21 Fri 23rd June 2017

Devon is one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations and many hotels there have worked hard to promote themselves as family-friendly hotels. Could you learn from them? The Telegraph’s expert panel listed the following as their Top 8 Picks for families in Devon, each scoring 7/10 or above. A beach paradise – Watersmeet Hotel […]

Is your guest WiFi offering good enough?

09:09 Tue 6th June 2017

Recent research across the UK and USA consistently highlights how vital it is for hotels and other tourism businesses to offer free, good WiFi. A few research findings The poll of 2,000 people for online retailer Pixmania revealed that 31 per cent of Britons regard access to WiFi as the second most desired ‘comfort’ while […]

Top 10 English Hotel locations

10:19 Tue 23rd May 2017

Last month a panel of experts for the Daily Telegraph put together a guide to 10 of the best places and cities to visit in England, highlighting their attractions for family holidays and couples, providing a host of learnings for anyone looking at taking over, or starting/locating, a hotel business in the UK:

Are you dog friendly yet?

11:20 Wed 10th May 2017

If you run a hotel or B&B and you don’t currently allow your guests to bring their dogs, you are potentially missing out on a rapidly growing market in pet travel. British dogs are increasingly regarded as a member of the family, with many owners seeking to take their four-legged friends with them when they […]

Top tips to keep a family guesthouse business running smoothly

10:22 Thu 20th April 2017

Many guesthouse businesses are run by partners and families, which means family conflicts can often arise. So, we have put together some useful tips, or guidelines, to help you avoid the most common family business blunders:

What makes a Hotel good for a spring stay?

08:13 Wed 5th April 2017

Here is The Telegraphs’s choice of top hotels for a Spring stay.  We look at what makes their top 8 Spring hotels such a great place to stay.  The following hotels all scored 9/10 with the Telegraph travel experts:

Thinking about buying a B&B?

15:29 Wed 29th March 2017

It’s not just making a few beds and cooking a breakfast, there are a host of things you should know to help you make a success of your new business. Where can you find good advice and benefit from the experience of other owners? Well, the internet is an obvious place to start but going […]

What’s the secret of the great British B&B?

11:00 Wed 22nd March 2017

British Bed and Breakfasts have never been more popular and in a competitive market, the most popular are the ones with attention to detail, personal service and really make the most of their locations and history to develop their own style. Look at the Daily Telegraph’s recent Top 10 and the combined selling points that […]

Taking advantage of the Equestrian B&B boom

09:45 Mon 13th March 2017

With many of today’s horse owners looking for different and interesting places to take their horse to ride, there are good opportunities for Bed and Breakfast owners with access to the right facilities to expand their businesses. If you run a rural bed and breakfast with good riding country nearby and have your own stables […]

English B&Bs dominate TripAdvisor 2017 awards list

10:58 Fri 17th February 2017

The humble English guest house has triumphed over its international counterparts to claim five of the world’s top 10 best B&B slots, according to travel giant TripAdvisor. Bindon Bottom B&B, in West Lulworth, Dorset received the top award, beating competitors in Florida, Prague and Belgium.

How to find the best Bed & Breakfast finance advice

10:58 Fri 3rd February 2017

Ask The Experts At The B&B Show 22-23 February 2017 Bristol Stewart Hindley & Partners, leading specialists for Bed & Breakfast finance, will be exhibiting at The B&B Show in Bristol later this month. The Show provides a unique one-stop opportunity for Bed and Breakfast, Guest House, and small Independent Hotel owners to build up […]

The best B&B courses available for prospective owners

12:38 Mon 16th January 2017

If you’ve dreamed of owning your own bed and breakfast or guest house for a while, you’ve no doubt read many wonderful books, blogs and guides on how to make it happen. However, you still haven’t taken that first step yet – perhaps your confidence is holding you back, or maybe you have questions you […]

5 must-read books for prospective B&B owners

10:19 Tue 20th December 2016

The idea that one day you’ll quit your 9-5 to run a bed and breakfast instead is one that has passed through many people’s heads, usually followed by ‘how hard could it be anyway?’.  But the reality of doing this isn’t as simple as throwing a ‘vacancies’ sign by the door and waiting for someone […]

Where should you invest your money in your Bed & Breakfast?

13:08 Fri 4th November 2016

Buying and running a Bed and Breakfast or guest house can be expensive. As we all know, the key to any good business is to ensure that your outgoings are not exceeding the money coming in i.e. the amount your customers are paying you. However, to provide a good service you do need to spend […]

Did You Know You Can Attend a B&B Course?

09:11 Tue 27th September 2016

When starting a new venture it is always a good idea to get as much information on the area in which you choose to go into.  You probably think that running a B&B or Guest House is fairly straightforward and on the whole it is, however, it is not just cook a breakfast and change […]

UK Hotel, Pub & Restaurant Data Shows Trading Has Accelerated Post Brexit

12:23 Tue 6th September 2016

Jamie Rollo – UK hotel, pub and restaurant data shows trading has accelerated post-Brexit Morgan Stanley analyst Jamie Rollo has revealed data from July and August for the UK hotel, pub and restaurant, and travel industries has shown trading has not only held up post the Brexit vote but even accelerated. He said: “The results […]

Britain’s favourite seaside destinations

20:03 Sat 20th August 2016

Whether rain or shine, we love the seaside and in the UK, we’re fortunate to possess some real gems; the kinds of charming, stunning and exciting spots that attract scores of holidaymakers to B&Bs and guest houses by the coast. We asked you what your favourite British seaside destinations were and here are your answers:

12 places in the UK which will make you feel you are abroad

11:20 Tue 9th August 2016

British staycations are on the rise, not purely for Brexit or financial reasons, either – many of us are (re)discovering the UK’s incredible landscape, beautiful beaches and exciting cities. Hence it could be a good time to go into the B&B, guesthouse or hotel business.

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